ValidationMessage property

TextField.ValidationMessage — Text

Represents the validation message of the field, which is shown when the field is invalid (that is, when the Valid property returns FALSE).

If this property is not set, it returns the validation message set for this field in Calcapp Creator.


IF(LEN(TextField1) < 3, "Provide at least three characters", LEN(TextField1) > 20, "Provide at most 20 characters")IF(LEN(TextField1) < 3; "Provide at least three characters"; LEN(TextField1) > 20; "Provide at most 20 characters")

Shows the validation message "Provide at least three characters" if the number of characters entered in TextField1 is less than 3 and the message "Provide at most 20 characters" if the number of characters is greater than 20. The validation message is only shown if the Valid property of the field returns FALSE.

This Valid formula goes well with the ValidationMessage formula above: (LEN(TextField1) >= 3) && (LEN(TextField1) <= 20)(LEN(TextField1) >= 3) && (LEN(TextField1) <= 20)