InitialValue property

TextField.InitialValue — Text

Represents the initial value of a text field, displayed before the user has entered an explicit value.

An unchanging initial value can be assigned to a text field simply by typing a value in the field in Calcapp Creator.

When a field is reset through a reset button, its value is set to the initial value (unless the reset button has been configured to instead assign blank values).

If an initial value is set through a formula, the formula is evaluated just before the screen housing the field is shown. In other words, the formula can reference values of fields that have been shown previously.


IF(ISEMAIL(MainScreen!EmailAddress), MainScreen!EmailAddress)IF(ISEMAIL(MainScreen!EmailAddress); MainScreen!EmailAddress)

Sets the initial value to the value of the EmailAddress field, which appears as part of the screen MainScreen, but only if it is probably a valid email address. Otherwise, the initial value is set to a blank value.