Reference property

TextScreen.Reference — TextScreen

A reference to the text screen.

Referencing a text screen is useful when writing formulas for the NextScreen property of form screens, text screens and navigators. When a text screen is referenced from these formulas, it is selected as the screen which is displayed when the user moves on from the current screen.

This property is a read-only property, meaning that no formula can be assigned to it.

Referencing text screens from formulas

When referencing a text screen from a formula, there is no need to write .Reference,Reference after the screen name if a reference is sought. These formulas are equivalent when associated with the NextScreen property of form screens:


Above, the NextScreen property is looking for a screen reference. As TextScreen1 can return a reference through its Reference property, .Reference,Reference is implied.


IF(Field1.Valid && ISDEFINED(Field2), SuccessScreen, FailureScreen)IF(Field1,Valid && ISDEFINED(Field2); SuccessScreen; FailureScreen)

This formula is associated with the NextScreen property of a form screen. It causes the screen named SuccessScreen to be displayed when the user moves to the next screen only if Field1 is considered valid (as determined by the Valid property of the field) and the user has entered information in the Field2 field. Otherwise, the screen named FailureScreen is displayed.