BANNER function




The text to display.



This function does not return a value.

Displays a banner at the bottom of the screen with the given message. BANNER("Done!")BANNER("Done!") shows the message "Done!", which disappears automatically after a second or two.

This function can only be used from an action formula. It is typically invoked from a formula associated with the OnPress property of a formula button.

Banners are often used to update the user on the progress being made by other functions, such as EMAILREPORT, OPENREPORT and RELAY. Use ALERT instead if the user should explicitly dismiss the message by pressing a button.

Using BANNER with AWAIT and other functions

Functions like EMAILREPORT return a so-called promise, which is used to signal success or failure at some point in the future. EMAILREPORT uses its promise to signal that sending a report either succeeded or failed.

Use AWAIT to take action when the promise succeeds or fails. AWAIT accepts a promise as its first parameter and runs the formula fragment given as its second parameter when — and if — the promise succeeds.

This formula sends a report and shows a banner once the report has been successfully sent:

AWAIT(EMAILREPORT({ App }, ""), BANNER("Done!"))AWAIT(EMAILREPORT({ App }; ""); BANNER("Done!"))

AWAIT accepts a third parameter named OnFailure, in the form of a formula fragment which is run if the promise signals failure.

This formula also sends a report and shows a banner, but only if there is a problem:

AWAIT(EMAILREPORT({ App }, ""), OnFailure: BANNER("Could not send report"))AWAIT(EMAILREPORT({ App }; ""); OnFailure: BANNER("Could not send report"))

If sending the report fails, it may be appropriate to display an alert instead of a banner, as an alert must be dismissed by the user by pressing a button. Also, an alert can contain more information. Refer to the documentation for ALERT for more information.



Displays a banner showing the text "Test."

AWAIT(PROMPT("Enter anything:"), BANNER(Result))AWAIT(PROMPT("Enter anything:"); BANNER(Result))

Displays a prompt asking the user to enter a value, and then shows a banner with the entered text.