CONVERT function

CONVERT(Number, FromUnit, ToUnit) CONVERT(Number; FromUnit; ToUnit)


Number or { Number }

The number to convert.


Text or { Text }

The unit of the given number. Use a text string from the Symbol column of the table to convey the input unit.


Text or { Text }

The desired unit of the result. Use a text string from the Symbol column of the table to convey the target unit.


Number or { Number }

The converted number.

Converts the given number from one unit to another. CONVERT(3, "in", "cm")CONVERT(3; "in"; "cm") returns roughly 7.62, because 3 inches are roughly equivalent to 7.62 centimeters.

This function supports a large number of units. The second parameter must be set to the input unit and the third parameter to the output unit. Refer to the table below, and its Symbol column, to learn what symbols to use for these parameters.

Supported units

Absorbed dose

Units supported by the CONVERT function
Unit Symbol
Absorbed dose
Gray Gy
Meter per second squared m/s2
Gal Gal
A.u. of action auh
N.u. of action nuh
Amount of substance
Mole mol
Second arcsec
Radian rad
Minute arcmin
Degree °
Square nautical mile Nmi^2, Nmi2
Barn b
Square light-year ly^2, ly2
Morgen Morgen
Square inch in^2, in2
Square Pica Picapt2, Pica^2, Picapt^2, Pica2
Square foot ft^2, ft2
Square ångström ang^2, ang2
Square yard yd^2, yd2
International acre uk_acre
Hectare ha
Square mile mi^2, mi2
Are ar
US survey/statute acre us_acre
Square meter m2
Catalytic activity
Katal kat
Dynamic viscosity
Pascal second Pa_s
Poise P
Electric capacitance
Farad F
Electric charge
A.u. of charge e
Coulomb C
Electric current
Ampere A
Electric resistance
Ohm Ω
Electrical conductance
Siemens S
Thermodynamic calorie c
Joule J
IT calorie cal
Erg e, erg
Electronvolt ev, eV
A.u. of energy Eh
Foot-pound flb
Horsepower-hour hh, hph, HPh
Btu btu, BTU
Watt-hour wh, Wh
Equivalent dose
Sievert Sv
Newton N
Dyne dy, dyn
Pond pond
Pound force lbf
Hertz Hz
Phot ph
Lux lx
Henry H
Bit b, bit
Byte byte
Kinematic viscosity
Stokes St
Meter squared per second m2/s
Yard yd
Pica (1/72 inch) Picapt, Pica
Ångström ang, Å
A.u. of length a0
Pica (1/6 inch) pica
Nautical mile Nmi, M
Astronomical unit ua
Light-year ly
Inch in
US survey mile survey_mi
Statute mile mi
Foot ft
Metre m
Ell ell
Parsec parsec, pc
Candela per square metre cd/m2
Stilb sb
Luminous flux
Lumen lm
Luminous intensity
Candela cd
Magnetic field intensity
Ampere per meter A/m
Œrsted Oe
Magnetic flux
Maxwell Mx
Weber Wb
Magnetic flux density
Tesla T
Gauss ga, G
Slug sg
N.u. of mass nume
Stone stone
Kilogram kg
Short hundredweight shweight, cwt
Tonne t
Imperial ton uk_ton, LTON, brton
Ounce mass ozm
Ton ton
Imperial hundredweight uk_cwt, hweight, lcwt
Pound mass lbm
Grain grain
Gram g
A.u. of mass me
Dalton u, Da
Horsepower h, HP
Pferdestärke PS
Watt W
Bar bar
Millimetre of mercury mmHg
Pascal Pa
Becquerel Bq
Solid angle
Steradian sr
N.u. of speed nuc0
Knot kn
Meter per second m/sec, m/s
Admiralty knot admkn
Miles per hour mph
Meter per hour m/hr, m/h
Kelvin kel, K
Degrees Rankine Rank
Minute mn, min
Hour hr, h
N.u. of time nuh/(mec02)
Second sec, s
A.u. of time auh/Eh
Day day, d
Year yr
Volt V
Cubic nautical mile Nmi^3, Nmi3
Litre l, lt, L
Imperial quart (U.K) uk_qt
Imperial gallon (U.K.) uk_gal
Gross registered ton regton, GRT
Gallon gal
Fluid ounce oz
Tablespoon tbs
Teaspoon tsp
Cup cup
Cubic yard yd^3, yd3
Cubic Pica Picapt3, Pica^3, Picapt^3, Pica3
Modern teaspoon tspm
U.K. pint uk_pt
US bushel bushel
US oil barrel barrel
US pint us_pt, pt
Cubic mile mi^3, mi3
Cubic metre m3
Quart qt
Cubic light-year ly^3, ly3
Cubic inch in^3, in3
Cubic foot ft^3, ft3
Cubic ångström ang^3, ang3
Measurement ton MTON

Unit prefixes

Unit prefixes
Prefix Multiplier Abbreviation
yotta 1E+24 Y
zetta 1E+21 Z
exa 1E+18 E
peta 1E+15 P
tera 1E+12 T
giga 1E+9 G
mega 1E+6 M
kilo 1E+3 k
hecto 1E+2 h
dekao 1E+1 e
deci 1E-1 d
centi 1E-2 c
milli 1E-3 m
micro 1E-6 u
nano 1E-9 n
pico 1E-12 p
femto 1E-15 f
atto 1E-18 a
zepto 1E-21 z
yocto 1E-24 y

Binary prefixes

Binary prefixes
Binary prefix Prefix value Abbreviation Derived from
yobi 80 = 1208925819614629174706176 Yi yotta
zebi 70 = 1180591620717411303424 Zi zetta
exbi 60 = 1152921504606846976 Ei exa
pebi 50 = 1125899906842624 Pi peta
tebi 40 = 1099511627776 Ti tera
gibi 30 = 1073741824 Gi giga
mebi 20 = 1048576 Mi mega
kibi 10 = 1024 ki kilo


CONVERT(10, "m", "cm")CONVERT(10; "m"; "cm")

Returns 1000, as 10 meters equal 1000 centimeters.

CONVERT(1, "m", "mm")CONVERT(1; "m"; "mm")

Returns 1000, as 1 meter equals 1000 millimeters.

CONVERT(2.54, "in", "m")CONVERT(2,54; "in"; "m")

Returns roughly 0.065, as 2.54 inches roughly equal 0.065 meters.