CLEAN function

CLEAN(text) CLEAN(text)


Text or { Text }

The text string to clean.


Text or { Text }

A text string without certain non-printable characters.

Cleans text from certain non-printable characters and returns it. These non-printable characters are the first 32 non-printable ASCII characters (with values 0 through 31).



Returns a version of the value of the TextField1 field without certain unprintable characters.

CLEAN(TEXTJOIN("", FALSE, CHAR(30), "test", CHAR(31)))CLEAN(TEXTJOIN(""; FALSE; CHAR(30); "test"; CHAR(31)))

Returns "test", without the non-printable characters 30 and 31. TEXTJOIN creates the text string "test", flanked by the non-printable characters 30 and 31.