NEWLINE function




A line break character.

Returns a line break character, which causes the character following it to appear on the next line. "First line" & NEWLINE() & "Second line""First line" & NEWLINE() & "Second line" produces the following text:

First line
Second line

The line break character produced by this function is also known as newline, line feed (LF), end of line (EOL) and line ending. Its Unicode code point is 10, meaning that these formulas are equivalent:


This function is specific to Calcapp.


"A" & NEWLINE() & "B""A" & NEWLINE() & "B"

Returns "A", followed by a line break, followed by "B".

"A" & CHAR(10) & "B""A" & CHAR(10) & "B"

Returns "A", followed by a line break, followed by "B". As the line break character returned by NEWLINE corresponds to the Unicode code point 10, it can also be returned through the CHAR function.

"Velocity: " & Field1 & NEWLINE() & "Weight: " & Field2"Velocity: " & Field1 & NEWLINE() & "Weight: " & Field2

Returns text suitable for use as the content of an email sent through an email report button (use the Prologue property) or the value of a text field with multiple lines (use the Value property).

TEXTSPLIT(TextFieldWithMultipleLines, NEWLINE())TEXTSPLIT(TextFieldWithMultipleLines; NEWLINE())

Returns the text of the TextFieldWithMultipleLines text field, split into its constituent lines, in the form of an array. If "abc" has been entered on the first line and "def" has been entered on the second line, the array { "abc", "def" }{ "abc"; "def" } is returned.